Lifetime Cloud Storage. Pay Once, Store Forever

Lifetime Cloud Storage & Unlimited Cloud Storage to protect your past, present, and future data.

Share, Collaborate, & Be Productive

  • Control your data instead of it controlling you.
  • Manage, sort, locate, and preview files.
  • Restore your data with just a click.

Cloud Storage Delivered for All Users

  • Unlimited cloud storage to protect your data.
  • Lifetime cloud storage to protect your data for a lifetime.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Polarbackup utilizes AWS technology to provide the highest quality, reliable, and consistent cloud storage.
  • Storage and backup runs smoothly, meaning you never experience performance hiccups.

Backup Your Devices

  • Store your data from laptops, PCs, and Mac devices.
  • Set and forget for peace of mind.

Start Your 15-Day Free Trial.

And get 50GB free cloud storage.

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