How We’re Able to Sell Cloud Lifetime Plans

Speculation always seem to rise when the word “lifetime” appears, people get worried, concerns emerge and it’s understandable. How can a cloud storage solution sustainably sell lifetime accounts? Your data is important to you, and you need to trust the provider you’re storing it with. By the end of this you’re not only going to understand why Polarbackup is a reliable provider that can sell lifetime plans, but why Polarbackup is the right choice.

So what is our strategy?

Polarbackup does not rely on paid advertisements, we rely on word of mouth and referrals, we keep it real and keep our advertising to an absolute minimum – and with it our ad budget. This means we redirect more of our revenue back into developing our software to be more cost-effective so we can pass on the savings to our customers.

Polarbackup is one of many products within our company’s portfolio, we are not new to the SaaS market. Due to the other products under our umbrella, Polarbackup is not our only source of revenue.

We compete on price, but we do not compromise on quality. Our highly skilled team of developers and cloud infrastructure engineers have developed our own innovative patent-pending technology that is compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This basically means that by leveraging the power of AWS, but with our own data management system that runs up to 100x more efficiently than AWS’ cloud ‘out-of-the-box’, it’s cheap for us and consequently the user to store their data safely.

Another attractive quality that makes Polarbackup special is the dynamic plans offered, ranging from 1TB to 5TB, there is a plan for everyone. If our available plans are not to your liking, you can adjust it, making it completely individual and custom to your needs by adding devices, users, extra terabytes and even increasing the upload and download speed.

Initially, customers commit to a one-time purchase payment, and for the majority of users this is the perfect solution for them. But, for those who want more out of their plan, they go on to pay monthly/annual fees due to needing additional storage space, wishing to add a new user to the account, or adding more devices etc. This brings our upgrade ratio to a healthy 10%.

So what does all this mean? Polarbackup will not run away with your money and data.
Polarbackup has your back, it strives to give the user a seamless experience, offering high quality services at a low-cost. With many skills and experience in our arsenal you can be sure that Polarbackup is here to stay and grow with your data.

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