Backup Features 🛡️

  • Continuous Protection: Real-time file change monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Backup: Supports desktops, laptops, and external & network drives.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose from various backup modes, including turbo and smart.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy setup with a step-by-step wizard and intuitive file selection.
  • Advanced File Management: Filter by type, size, date, with smart rename detection.
  • Efficient Storage: Leveraging block-level backups and 3-tier deduplication.
  • Pause/Resume: Control over backup activity.
  • High Performance: Lightweight client designed for speed and efficiency.
Dashboard overview of Polarbackup cloud storage solutions

Security 🛡️

  • Military-Grade Encryption: AES encryption protects files before and during transfer.
  • Regulation Compliance: Meets all data safety laws for maximum security.
  • Instant Access: On-demand decryption for file access.
File management interface of Polarbackup cloud storage

Cold Storage ❄️

  • Instant Backup: Ideal for files you rarely access but can’t afford to lose.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable plans, starting with 2TB at just $4.99/month.
  • No Restore Costs: Access and restore your photos remotely without extra charges.

Restore ⏪

  • Flexible Options: Restore files from the web or directly within the client.
  • Guided Restoration: Follow a simple process to recover data to its original or a new location.

Access Files Anywhere 🌍

  • Web and Mobile Access: Manage and share files anywhere via web viewer or mobile app.
  • Instant Search & Restore: Quickly locate and recover files with easy-to-use tools.
  • Flexible File Management: Drag-and-drop, right-click options, and more for easy file handling.
File management interface of Polarbackup cloud storage

Big Data 📈

  • Optimized for Volume: Store large data volumes efficiently with deduplication and block-level support.
Users dashboard overview on Polarbackup cloud storage platform

Simplified User Experience 👥

  • Easy Setup: Add devices and start backing up with minimal effort.
  • Comprehensive Windows Integration: Backup indicators and right-click options enhance the Windows experience.
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