Backup Capabilities 🛡️

  • Always-On Protection: Automatically tracks and backs up changes to files instantly.
  • Wide-Ranging Backup: Ensures safety for PCs, Macs, servers, external drives, and network locations.
  • Flexible Backup Scheduling: Tailor backup timing and modes to your needs, including efficient, fast, and eco-friendly options.
  • Simplified Setup: Navigate setup easily with a guided wizard and straightforward file selection.
  • Advanced File Sorting: Utilize enhanced sorting options for file type, size, and modification date, plus support for open file backup and intelligent file renaming.
  • Optimized Storage: Utilizes incremental backups for large files and employs advanced deduplication to conserve space.
  • Robust Security Measures: Features top-level AES-256 encryption to protect your data at rest and in transit.
  • Control Your Backups: Effortlessly pause and resume backup activities as needed.
  • Streamlined Performance: Enjoy a fast and unobtrusive backup experience with a compact client and efficient data upload mechanisms.
  • Universal File Support: Back up files of any size or type with confidence, thanks to our comprehensive backup solution.
Dashboard overview of Polarbackup cloud storage solutions

Enhanced Security Measures 🛡️

  • Top-Tier Encryption: Pre-transfer file protection with AES-256 encryption.
  • Protected Data Transfers: Ensures file safety with AES-256 during transit.
  • Compliance Assurance: Fully meets global data protection regulations for peace of mind.
  • Rapid Data Access: Files are instantly accessible when you need them.

Efficient Cold Storage Solutions ❄️

  • Seamless Archiving: Ideal for storing infrequently accessed data securely.
  • Affordable Plans: Offer 1 TB of storage for unlimited users starting at just $16.67/month.
  • No Cost for Retrieval: Retrieve data without facing extra fees.
  • Convenient Remote Access: Easily retrieve and restore your archived photos from anywhere.

Advanced Web Infrastructure 🌐

  • AWS-Powered Security: Trust in the stability and security of AWS.
  • Intelligent Deduplication: Enhanced efficiency, even for encrypted data.
  • Confidential File Sharing: Share privately, decrypting files as needed.
  • Flexible Link Control: Easily manage link expiry and access.

Tailored Backup Strategies ⚙️

  • Adaptable Backups: Choose settings at both user and administrator levels.
  • Refined Filtering Options: Sort backups by various criteria for precision.
  • Efficient Performance Settings: Optimize backup speeds and data use.
  • Selective Exclusions: Use wildcards to specify exclusion rules.

Streamlined User & Access Management 👥

  • Simplified User Addition: Invite users through email for quick setup.
  • Broad Deployment Options: Integrate with Active Directory for ease.
  • Immediate Policy Application: Updates take effect without delay.
  • Comprehensive Storage Management: Monitor and adjust storage and retention easily.

Universal File Access & Management 🌍

  • Online File Portal: Access, share, and manage files via web interface.
  • Quick Search and Recovery: Efficiently locate and restore needed data.
  • Intuitive File Handling: Enhanced navigation with drag-and-drop and more.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Stay connected and manage files on mobile devices.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities 📊

  • Comprehensive Activity Tracking: Keep tabs on all backup, restoration, and alert activities.
  • Resource Utilization Insights: Monitor your bandwidth and storage efficiently.
  • Global Client Management: Easily locate and manage clients from anywhere.

Seamless Windows Integration 🖥️

  • Status Indicators: Easily identify file backup statuses.
  • Enhanced File Management: Share, add, or remove files with a simple right-click.

Simplified Restoration Process

  • Versatile Restore Options: Choose between web-based or client-initiated restoration.
  • Guided Restoration: Follow our simple guide to restore files effortlessly.
  • Restore Flexibility: Return data to its original location or opt for a new one.

Optimized for Big Data 📈

  • Tailored for Volume: Manage large data sets without compromise.
  • Streamlined Data Handling: Import or export data directly, sidestepping lengthy uploads.
  • Advanced Storage Solutions: Benefit from deduplication and block-level storage efficiency.

Robust Server Support ⌨️

  • Full Windows Server Compatibility: Ensures thorough backup coverage.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Constantly watches for and backs up any changes.
  • Uninterrupted Project Continuity: Offers open file backup for ongoing work.
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